Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Unless The Book is a House

Thursday Apr 29th, 2021


When it comes to real estate, what’s on the outside is equally, or even more important, to what’s on the inside. Curb appeal is very important when selling a house. As curb appeal first impressions go, these can be on a scale of ‘love at first sight’ to ‘run for the hills!’🏃 As a seller you want the first impression to excite and intrigue your potential buyer enough to get them through the front door! Great curb appeal can increase... [read more]

New Home vs. Resale – What you Should Know!

Tuesday Apr 6th, 2021


The search for your perfect  home is both exciting and overwhelming but the good news is you’ve got options!  There is an increase in the expansion of new residential developments across Ontario, giving buyers the opportunity and choice of purchasing a new build construction or Resale.  I’m here to share some pros and cons to both options by taking you through a few key considerations to keep in... [read more]

Flipping Houses – For PROFIT $

Monday Feb 22nd, 2021


Flipping a home is a real estate investment that can provide returns quickly, AND at a great profit.💵 With all the HGTV you’ve watched, you’re probably ready to flip your own house and start knocking down some walls, right? WRONG! There is SO much more to home flipping than what is shown on the flashy TV shows! I know there is an overwhelming wealth of information on the internet, most of which is repetitive and almost discourages you when seeing headlines such as... [read more]

Love It or List It? How To Fall Back In Love with Your Home or Know When It's Time To Move On

Tuesday Feb 16th, 2021


Close your eyes. Think back to the first time you stepped into your home. Seems like yesterday, doesn’t it? Back then, the house seemed to be MADE just for you. Forward to today, your family has grown and so have all of your needs.  You love your home & the memories that you’ve made in those four walls but it just doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit anymore.  Here are some helpful tips that can help you figure out if you should Love it or List... [read more]

Fixer Uppers – not just for Flipping

Friday Feb 5th, 2021


Trying to get into the Market? On the hunt for a new living space? Don’t shy away from purchasing a home that needs a little extra love❤️ Let’s talk Fixer Uppers and what’s so great about these bad boys 😉   More Affordable To start, buying a fixer upper is more affordable. Think larger living space & great neighbourhood – for Less!  A Fixer Upper can give you the opportunity to purchase a larger property with extra space while... [read more]

Staging Your Home is NOT Optional

Thursday Jan 21st, 2021


  That’s a bold statement to make, right? Stay with me.  A Seller’s motivation can vary from person to person; however, most sellers are usually focused on two main goals – Top Dollar & a Fast Sale.  While there are many things that we cannot control in the sale of our homes such as the location, age or type of home, there are many factors that we can control.  Controlling those factors is where the seller’s power lies.  Staging is... [read more]

Dear Friends and Family,

Thursday Mar 23rd, 2017


Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect opportunity to share some good news and send all of you a note filled  with love and hopefully a little laughter.  As most of you know, I have been Owner and Lead Designer of The Home Staging Studio for 10 years now. My passion over these years has been focused on helping home sellers throughout the GTA prepare their homes for sale in a competitive market so that they could reap the rewards of selling for top dollar in a... [read more]