How To Plan a Seamless and Successful Move

Friday Jun 25th, 2021


You have sold your home; hurray!!! But now comes the hard part…MOVING!
 No biggie, you’ve packed for a holiday, moved your kid to college, or put away some family heirlooms before without a headache. It can't be that bad to just get it done yourself... 


When I say I have been there, done that many times both personally and with clients, I couldn't have done it without professional help. Packing up your whole life is a bit different to packing a few things for a trip or putting things into storage. You start to realize how much STUFF you actually own… why did my husband start that stamp collection years ago?! Why did we buy so many souvenirs on our trips?! It can feel like the walls are closing in with the anxiety of everything that has to be done. Don’t panic! My career as a stager and realtor has made me an expert mover, and I promise there is a way to do it seamlessly and STRESS FREE! 


Step one!  (The most important step) 


Pour yourself a drink! Be it wine or tea, take a moment to calmly PLAN your process. Trust me, everything is easier when there is a plan in place. Start at the end and work backwards, making note of all the things you will need along the way (label maker, boxes, bubble wrap, tape, a van etc). Grab a pen or a digital notebook and calendar and mark out important dates (move out, move in, grocery shop day, trip to the department store).  



Look Into Moving Resources  

Once you have listed all the things you will need, you can investigate different resources and decide on where you will get the products/services. I have worked with A LOT of moving companies, and you know what I have found?? It’s worth it. If you can swing it, do it. A great company I have worked with is Move Snap. They offer everything from an all-in-one dashboard to manage all your move details, to tools that help complete tasks such as junk removal, address change and more. They even have a live concierge to support you with every move related need...even finding you a babysitter!! 

Packing services are also a great way to minimize stress around the whole moving process. They are guaranteed to be more organized and efficient than trying to take it all on yourself, because they are trained in this field and know how to avoid any common obstacles. Their job is to take stress off you! An awesome packing company I have worked with in the past is Cargo Cabbie. They offer their services throughout Toronto and the GTA. They also have cargo bin rentals, which is great because once they unpack everything into your new home, you won't have a pile of cardboard boxes left over that (let's be honest) you will feel too guilty to toss! Plus, they consider the things that you might not have thought about - your shipment might be exposed to weather conditions, you are running low on time and have too many things to pack up, your moving difficult to pack items (china, crystal, artwork, appliances).  



Keep it Organized 


If you are up to taking on the challenge yourself, I'd recommend keeping things as organized as possible to lessen the chaos when you begin unpacking. Getting a label maker and labeling items and boxes into categories and STICKING to those categories might seem like extra work when you are packing, but it will definitely help you in the long run! You can use hacks such as keeping your clothes on the hangers, putting a large bag around them, and tying the hangers together so when you get to the new place, you can put your clothes straight back in the closet without having to unfold, iron, and rehang. Another way to keep yourself more organized is to have a strict keep-go-donate list. Keep things (such as clothes) that you use consistently and know you will use in the new home but try and let go of things that you haven't used in the past couple months, as the likelihood is that you won’t end up using them again!  


These are just a few small tips I have accumulated throughout my years in this business, and of course there are many more things to keep in mind. The process, though stressful, is an exciting one as it's the beginning of something new - a new chapter in life! So, the overall emotion should be excitement, and I can help you realize this!


Contact me at (905) 977-8385 or visit my website for more info! I look forward to being a part of this next chapter with you! 


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