Behind the Scenes of a Listing

Tuesday May 18th, 2021


Hiring a real estate agent to guide you through the listing process is an essential and smart move😉 They will make the process noticeably easier, faster, and stress free. There are the obvious things you will see your real estate agent helping you with on a day-to-day basis, but there are also a plethora of tasks we perform behind the scenes to help get your house SOLD. I have connections and specific processes that I utilize both on the ground and behind the scenes that are tried and tested for success! Some of the things going on behind the scenes of a listing are to do with marketing, staging, and the overall process that I follow for all of my clients to keep us on track and accountable!


My Show Me the M.O.N.E.Y Formula!💴

Trust me, I've been there, done that so that you don't have to! 😂 I created a framework over the years that both myself and my clients follow to keep us in check and map out what we need to focus on next. It begins when I meet my clients and doesn't end until the deal is CLOSED! It touches on staging and planning, marketing, and listing, finding your next dream home and closing the deals. This formula is specific to me, is always active in the background, and is the basis of every listing. I'd love to tell you more about it 🤩


Real estate agents have many faces and talents, and a strong network of professionals to back us up! I wear MANY different hats when it comes to listing your home. First up, I throw on my Marketing cap!

Marketing is an integral part of the listing process and requires LOTS of work! My photographer, videographer, and staging partners are armed and ready to show your home in its best light! My last listing, 580 Highvalley Rd in Hamilton, is a great example of how good lighting, equipment and a professional eye can make a home look as beautiful online as it does in person!

Oh…did I not mention that I’m an editor behind the scenes too?! Time to put on my editor chapeau 🎩 Newsletters are an important way to reach out to potential buyers, and they require a lot of B.T.S. work. Putting together the actual letter, proofreading (many times…), coming up with awesome call-to-actions and thinking up engaging and enticing subject lines to draw people in are all strategies used to get even more people interested in your home!

And then there's social media platforms! I like to think of this hat as a really cool and hip beanie 😂 Instagram and Facebook are extremely helpful tools which require lots of attention and time in content creation, interaction, and research. For 580 Highvalley Rd, I created 2 Instagram Reels which had over 1900 views!


As we all know, good staging can make or break a listing and boy do I love some good staging! So much so that it is a complimentary service when you list with me! Staging is an INTEGRAL piece of listing your home and it should NEVER be overlooked. Staging is more than moving in some new furniture and organizing it in an aesthetic way. It involves a team of Certified Staging Professionals creating a detailed report about your property including things such as furniture selection, placement, color coordination, decor selection and arrangement, lighting enhancement and upgrade suggestions. Not as simple as it appears, does it?!


Now you know some of the processes that go on behind the scenes, and that are always in the back of my mind! There are always hundreds of little things that must add up to make the final product seem effortlessly successful when it comes to listing a property. I would love to give you more insight into what goes into the listing process and answer any questions you may have about selling your home! Contact me at or at (905) 977-8353.

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