Calculating A Home's Worth

Wednesday Sep 15th, 2021



Houses have been widely underpriced for the last few months in Ontario, which begs the question “What is my home actually worth?” As always, I have the information necessary to ensure you can obtain an accurate answer to this question, and I’m here to help you along the way so you can remain an informed seller.  


The first step towards gaining an accurate idea as to what your home is worth, is ensuring you’re working with an experience real estate agent. There are two primary reasons for this when it comes to your home estimate. The first of which is because an experienced agent will be familiar with the current real estate trends in your area. The second is because a professional agent will administer a home evaluation for free!  


At Listing Agency, you can take my Free Home Evaluation right on my website, which will provide you with a confidential, no obligation estimate of your home’s worth. By answering just a few simple questions such as the size and age of your property, your timeline for moving, and a breakdown of the space inside, you will have yourself well on your way towards determining both what your home is worth and what it should be listed for. You should take the free home evaluation annually as it is like your home’s long-term portfolio report. If you’re ready to find our what your home is worth today, visit my website to take your free home evaluation right away! 


When discussing your sale with your agent, you’ll discuss the current state of the real estate market and what your timeline is for your move. If there are any reasons to be concerned about when you’re planning to list your home, a trusted agent will be sure to tell you as it will heighten your chances of a successful sale. Considerations your agent is making center around current market stats, the size of your land, the size of your home, and of course your interior finishes and other elements that factor into what your home is worth. 


The moral of the story is that working with a seasoned real estate is a must when you’re moving. It is our job to be able to answer all your questions and use our expertise gained from industry experience to stand beside you on the path to a successful sale of your home. A professional agent takes time ensure that their clients are comfortable and at Listing Agency, we won’t make a move without being certain that we are on the same page as our clients.  


If you’d like to learn more about what your home is worth today as well as what the state of the real estate market in your community is like right now, you can visit my website to get in touch with me or give me a call at (905) 977-8385. I look forward to assisting you as you prepare to list your home! 

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