Creating A Holiday Mood

Tuesday Nov 30th, 2021



There is absolutely nothing like the feelings of being in the holiday season. There is a certain energy in the air that can be felt during this time of year, and it is easier than you think to bring the festive feelings we all know and love, in our own homes.


Let’s face it, even though we may not all be ready for seasonal music, it is never too early for seasonal decorations to create the most perfect holiday ambiance. If you’re selling during the holiday season, a great way to emotionally engage the buyers I by creating some holiday ambiance in your staging. The first and most simple thing you can do, is bring in the addition of candles. Welcoming the familiar smells that accompany the holidays – such as cinnamon, clove, evergreen, and pine – is a beautiful way to make your home more welcoming to prospective buyers. If you have a fireplace in your home and are welcoming visitors for an open house, utilize it! Just be sure that your agent is aware of how the fireplace works so they can turn it off once people have left. Remember, safety first!


If you’re looking to subtly add some winter or holiday touches to your home, simple things such as seasonal throw pillows and blankets, table runners, holiday table books, seasonal vinyl records, and plants such as poinsettias all make the perfect festive addition to any entertaining and living space, without going overboard. Seasonal music also makes a wonderful addition to any showing or open house, but perhaps stick with more understated instrumental playlists (of which there are tons on Spotify!), so as not to overwhelm visitors. Overall, when decorating, be sure to keep things neutral for all buyers and to avoid any religious artifacts. Remember, not everyone believes in Santa Claus, so think more snowmen and less Old Saint Nick. 


Speaking of snow, the seasonal staging does not need to be limited to indoors. Along with doing all your usual showing prep such to ensure your curb appeal is top notch, the addition of a wreath on the door, a winter plant on the porch, and a new welcome mat that matches the vibe of the season, will go a lot further than you might think. Of course, this is also the season for lights on our houses. While traditional Christmas lights can be a lot of work to get up, we’re in 2021 now and there is a much simpler alternative available to us. Laser lights! They give the same effect as your traditional hanging lights, but are simple to setup, can be kept on a timer just like traditional lights, and come in varying designs and colours. You can usually find them at your local hardware store. 


Some of us take on more of a holiday elf spirit than others, so keep that in mind when decorating. For some, it may be too early for a tree but not too early for some Christmas music. The bottom line is there are simple ways to spruce up your home this holiday season that will have prospective buyers feeling all warm, fuzzy, and sentimental.


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