My Listing Survival Guide🏡🙌

Tuesday May 18th, 2021


You are looking at the steps you have to take to undergo listing a property these days and thinking “HOW am I going to survive this?!”

I get it! It can be a stressful process even in favourable market conditions, especially if you aren’t properly prepared with the right team backing you.

My Listing Survival Guide will highlight some of the most common stresses faced by those going through the listing process and give tips and tricks on how to survive these while making the process much smoother! I believe that being well prepared is the key to a simple and successful listing.  In the words of James Clear, “You do not rise to the level of your goals.  You fall to the level of your systems.” Don’t go out onto the market with a wish and a prayer but rely on proven systems and processes that support you and get you from A to Z with ease!


Controlling What You Can Control 👍

The Zillow Group 2019 Consumer Housing Trends Report on ‘The Things Virtually All Sellers Sweat’ found that 95% of home sellers felt stressed out by the selling process.

So, first and foremost is to understand and find comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone! 😅 In the report listers felt the most stressed out by not knowing if their home would sell within the desired time frame, for the desired price, if that offer would fall through, and even making improvements and preparing the home for the sale. Focusing on the things you CAN control such as the listing price, the first impression/presentation/condition of the house, and proper marketing of your listing will eliminate some of the overwhelming feelings you are having. Knowing you have a team backing you is important too. 💪 Trust me, it takes a village to sell a house! Hire experienced real estate marketers, photographers, stagers and cleaners to show your home in its best light. 🏡 This will also help you feel like you have friends by your side to guide you along and pull you back into reality!


Eliminate Overwhelming Feelings

Listers also had worries about timing the sale with the purchase of a new home, feeling a lack of control with the overall selling process, and negotiating with buyers. This is where I can help you shine!💫 Having a professional with a proper network guiding you through each step will lessen, or even (dare I say😦) eliminate, the stress you are faced with! Doesn’t that sound nice?! I even offer a Digital Concierge Service which will make you feel like royalty 👑 with end-to-end moving support during the listing of your property and the purchase of a new home. You have nothing to stress about!


There are many potentially stressful aspects of the entire home listing process, however asking for help will eliminate almost all of these stresses and allow you to be as prepared as possible! This spring I am providing my clients with a special gift and secret weapon😎 Drumroll please... A customized “Listing Survival Kit” made for each of my listing clients! If you would like to list a home in the GTA area and would like to benefit from my listing survival kit, you can reach out to me at, or at (905) 977-8358. Take a nice big exhale, because you WILL survive this listing!


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