Staging Your Backyard and Creating an Oasis

Tuesday May 18th, 2021


We’ve covered the importance of curb appeal, we’ve covered why staging is not optional, and now it’s time to tackle the often-overlooked backyard! We all know that the interior of the home is where most sellers tend to focus all their energy when it comes to staging, but believe it or not, the living, dining, sleeping, or working areas in the home are not necessarily the selling points that will seal the deal. Staging your backyard to show what an oasis this outdoor space can be a GAME-CHANGER!🔥


Clean and Declutter

As with all areas of your home, the first step is to clean and de-clutter. What you normally do when you’re working on your front yard, you want to do the same in the backyard. Sweeping, washing, pulling any weeds, making sure any gardening or home tools are stored and out of sight, and making sure your backyard furniture is in tip-top shape is all part of step one ✅ Additionally, if you’re a household with children or pets, make sure that any toys and gates are cleared out and put away. If you have a pool, you want to make sure that it’s sparkling and insect-free before you list your home. Once you’ve done the major maintenance work, it then becomes all about upkeep, which should take minimal time out of your day! 🧹


Bring the Indoors Outdoors

Dining areas, lounging and social spaces are all areas within a home that are appealing to buyers. This is also the case when it comes to the backyard! Establishing a clearly identified use of space, dressed up to show just how beautiful your property is, doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. The addition of a dining table and chairs fully set, to show where the summer barbecues would be enjoyed, coupled with a designated seating area where the sun shines and a cocktail can be enjoyed in the afternoons with friends🍸 Of course, be sure to work within the space you have outside and be sure to not over-clutter the backyard.


Florals and Finishing Touches

Lastly, have fun with the decorations! Your landscaping is taken care of and the furniture is placed, so now the fun of adding some plants on the tables or beside your lounge chairs, as well as some lights that will set the stage for evening outdoor gatherings, or even a compact fire pit (they’re very affordable and at most hardware stores!), can be just the finishing touches you need to bring the backyard together in advance of your home going on the market. 🌸

Taking the time to ensure your backyard is as comfortable, attractive, and multi-functional as possible is sure to benefit you when it comes to the sale of your home! Being able to provide a welcoming outdoor living space is equally as important as that which is indoors. You can easily make sure that your backyard is picture perfect! 📸


If you’re preparing to sell and want some additional tips from me, check out my blogs on Curb Appeal and Home Staging! I’m here to help answer any questions you may have and help you ensure that you get the most for your home. Contact me today via phone at 905-977-8358 or email via my website and we can talk more about ensuring your home is ready to welcome prospective buyers!

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