How to Talk to Your Senior Parents About Selling

How to Talk to Your Senior Parents About Selling (& Why Now is the Right Time)

Sunday Feb 27th, 2022


Downsizing can sometimes feel a little overwhelming for both senior parents and their immediate families.  There are so many elements to consider and plan for.  But one of the most challenging aspects of downsizing senior parents/parent can be just getting the conversation started. My experience is firsthand and as a Realtor I have helped numerous families successfully downsize.  But most recently, as a daughter I have moved both my parents into a nursing home and my mother-in-law into a retirement home.  

Why It’s Hard for Seniors to Talk About Moving 

It may come as no surprise that your senior parents/parent aren’t thrilled about the idea of downsizing or moving. The moving process can be challenging for anyone, especially at this stage of life. They may feel scared to lose the comfort and safety of the home they know or even overwhelmed at just the thought of moving. And what about all their stuff? Where will it go? This process calls for much care and empathy.  Getting your realtor on board as soon as possible will help to alleviate many of the stresses. While your realtor can assist in finding a new place to live as well as organizing the logistics of the move, they can also provide other resources such as a professional organizer to help minimize belongings and navigate tough conversations.   

Why Now is the Time to Sell 

Despite the challenge of having this conversation with your parents, it’s crucial you have it. The GTA real estate has seen unprecedented market performance, specifically for sellers. Homeowners are selling their homes for record high prices and faster than ever. To ensure your parents sell for top dollar, time is of the essence. 

How to Have the Conversation 

Here are my number one tips to make the conversation both easy and successful: 

  1. Start the Conversation Early 

The decision to move shouldn’t be rushed. For your parents to have a smooth transition, they need to be on board with the idea of downsizing. This means you want to have the first conversation about moving well before the actual move. The sooner you have it, the more time they have to decide for themselves that it’s something they want. 

  1. Ask Questions Compassionately 

Being empathetic in this conversation is immensely important. Do not rush them or tell them they don’t have a choice.  

Instead, ask them questions about their feelings. How do they feel about the idea of leaving their current home? How do they feel about starting fresh somewhere new? An ounce of compassion goes a long way. 

  1. Get Them Excited About the Future 

There is a whole lot to be excited about when it comes to downsizing. Not only do you have less space to manage and keep clean, but your living costs are lower. Get them excited about the idea by asking them what they would spend their extra income on if it wasn’t going towards their current home. It’s an adventure they can look forward to. 

  1. Have a Plan Ready 

When it comes time to list their home and start looking for a smaller one, having an experienced agent on your side is a must. You want someone who isn’t just in it for the sale, but will be there to guide your parents/parent through the process with patience and compassion. You need an agent who can negotiate on your parents’ behalf and work tirelessly to find them the perfect downsized home. 

Interested in Downsizing or Helping Your Senior Parents Downsize? 

Whether you need help having this conversation or your senior parent is ready to start the downsizing process, I’m here to help. Contact me today. 

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