Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover – Unless The Book is a House

Thursday Apr 29th, 2021


When it comes to real estate, what’s on the outside is equally, or even more important, to what’s on the inside. Curb appeal is very important when selling a house. As curb appeal first impressions go, these can be on a scale of ‘love at first sight’ to ‘run for the hills!’🏃 As a seller you want the first impression to excite and intrigue your potential buyer enough to get them through the front door! Great curb appeal can increase your home’s value by 7%, and it also gives the home the potential to self-promote to curious passers-by. 


There are many considerations that go into creating beautiful curb appeal and with the majority of home searches beginning on the internet, having eye-catching, clean, good quality photos is a great place to start. This shows buyers that you are serious about selling your home and can make you come off as more professional. There are many other easy and inexpensive fixes that can be done to give your home a face lift. 


Yard Work🌲 

Landscaping is a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home and gives off that cozy magazine property feel. Landscaping is like a haircut - when done properly, it frames your house perfectly, drawing your eyes to the front door and highlighting other unique features of the home that without it, could go unseen. Landscapers can also tame and tidy up those unruly weeds which can make the house look messy and unkept, as well as plant seasonal flowers and greenery to give your garden a pop of color. If your home looks well-kept from the outside, buyers automatically know it looks good on the inside! 

The Face of Your Home🏡 

The front door is something that is taken for granted, every house has one! But with the right materials and color, your front door can set you apart from the rest! Refinishing, painting a unique color or even changing out the doormat or doorbell are small inexpensive upgrades that pay off in the end. Swapping out builder grade lights on the exterior of your home to something more appealing and unique also gives you that higher end look without breaking the budget. Windows are the sneak peek to the inside of the home and should be kept clean and mark free. Take some time to polish and or touch up the windows that you can reach, as we can all agree, there’s nothing more pleasing than sparkling windows! ✨ A good power wash to the exterior and eavestrough cleaning is also never a bad thing! 

The Roof🔨 

Although the roof of a house is not typically seen as an aesthetic characteristic, it is one of the features of a home’s exterior with the highest potential to turn away prospective buyers! If your roof is old and only has a few more years of life to it, you will see a positive return on your investment if you replace it. Buyers aren’t looking to pay for, or take on, a roofing upgrade after buying a new home, and if there is damage to the roof or it’s expected to need replacing in a few years, they are likely to submit a low-ball offer. Updating your roof and asking for a higher list price is the better way to go! 👍 

So, now your home’s exterior is looking its best and no one will be able to resist seeing what it has to offer on the inside! 😍Contact me at 905-977-8358 or shoot me a message through my website to learn more on how we can work together to get your home in tip top selling shape! 




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