Summer Selling Tips

Summer Selling Tips

Friday Aug 06th, 2021


Summer Selling Tips


Summer is the season for many things, including beach days, hiking, tennis, and of course, brunch, lunch, and cocktails on the endless options for patios throughout the city. However, selling your home in the summer is not always the easiest. While we are still living in a time where the real estate market is thriving in ways that even surprising us agents, it never hurts to ensure that you’ve dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s before you list your home this summer. Here are a few of my top tips to help you along the way.  


Prepare to Welcome Potential Buyers by Beautifying Your Home’s Exterior 

As you’ve heard me say before, CURB APPEAL is so very important when you’re listing your home. The first impression is always the lasting impression, therefore when potential buyers are pulling up to your house, the first thing they’ll see is your driveway, yard, porch, and front door. You want them to be excited by the beauty of your home’s exterior, so taking a weekend to do a major clean up and staging of the outside of your home, will be greatly beneficial to you in the selling process. Start by mowing your lawn, trimming all your bushes and greenery, weed your garden, paint your front door and touch up any spots where paint is peeling on the front of your home, sweet your driveway, freshen your patio furniture, and of course, keep your lawn watered and healthy. If you’d like a more in-depth guide to curb appeal from me, check out this blog post from earlier in this year where I go into a lot more detail on the benefits of dressing the outside of your home! 🏠 


Creating a Flow from the Front Porch to Backyard 🪴 

An extension of the topic of curb appeal is attracting prospective buyers in the summertime with the beauty of the outdoor portions of your property, which of course includes the backyard. Taking the opportunity of listing in the summer as the perfect time to dress your garden in a way that guides visitors into your backyard, is certain to draw people in. You can create this flow with perfectly placed walking stones that create a physical path to the backyard, or even do something more subtle such as lining plants along the side of your house that will encourage movement towards your backyard. Don’t forget to ensure your backyard is as decked out as your front so as to highlight the beautiful outdoor oasis that is sure to entice potential buyers!  


Keep Your Home Comfortable and Cool  

Selling during the summer means selling in hot and humid weather. Ahead of your open house and each viewing, you want to make sure that you’re utilizing your air conditioning and ceiling fans if you have them so that anyone visiting can remain comfortable throughout their viewing. If you don’t have central air, then take the time to open windows throughout the house (if you don’t have screens, it’s time to install some!) and make sure all unnecessary lights are kept off to minimize additional heat coming through. The added touch of cold water or lemonade in the kitchen also never hurts. 🍹 


Stage According to the Season 

If you’re opting to stage your home prior to listing (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!), there are some simple additions to this process that will beautifully reflect the summer season and add to the appeal of your home. This includes things such as bright flowers on your kitchen and living room tables, a window box with fresh herbs, fresh citrus fruit in a bowl in the kitchen (which will also make your home smell absolutely divine), and summer soap and candles in the bathrooms. These quick, easy, and cost-effective additions will awaken the feeling of summer within your home and make it even more welcoming to those prospective buyers who come for showings. 🍋 


Are you considering selling your home this summer? I’d love to answer any questions you may have and help guide you on your journey towards a successful sale. Contact me today via phone at (905) 977-8258 or send me a message on my website and we can have a conversation about getting your home ready to list!  



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